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Details Kerzenleuchter Weihnachten Nußknackerfigur Deko Teelichthalte Tischleuchter Sylt

Dekorativer Kersenleuchter im Nußknackerlook (keine Nußknackerfunktion) für zwei Teelichter. Aus Polyresin. ca. 18 cm breit, ca. 8,5 cm ief u. ca. 36 cm hoch. Die Teelichter sind im Lieferumfang nicht enthalten.

30,99 EUR*
Details Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity-3rd Edition

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity-3rd Edition Rev. ed. of: Teaching responsibility through physical activity, c2003. Full description

19,67 EUR*
Details Magnetic Responsibility-Diagramm

Magnetic Responsibility-Diagramm - MAGNETE VERANTWORTUNG CHART 13789

15,75 EUR*
Details Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual Responsibility

Beyond Racial Gridlock Sociologist George Yancey critiques four models of race (colorblindness, Anglo-conformity, multiculturalism and white responsibility), and introduces a new model (mutual responsibility). He offers hope that people of all races ...

18,40 EUR*


34,95 EUR*
Details Judaism, Science, and Moral Responsibility (The Orthodox Forum Series)

Judaism, Science, and Moral Responsibility Judaism, Science, and Moral Responsibility is the fourteenth conference volume in the Orthodox Forum Series. Current scientific and moral trends stress the need for greater sensitivity to human dignity, but ...

30,67 EUR*
Details Subjects of Responsibility: Framing Personhood in Modern Bureaucracies

How and why has the concept of responsibility come to pervade the fabric of American public and private life? How are ideas of responsibility instantiated in, and constituted by, the workings of social and political institutions? What place do liberal ...

56,41 EUR*
Details Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility (Oxford Series in Neuroscience, Law, and Philosophy)

Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility Adopting a broadly compatibilist approach, this volume's authors argue that the behavioral and mind sciences do not threaten the moral foundations of legal responsibility. Rather, these sciences provide fresh ...

32,90 EUR*
Details Globalizing Responsibility (RGS-IBG Books (Paperback))

Globalizing Responsibility: The Political Rationalities of Ethical Consumption presents an innovative reinterpretation of the forces that have shaped the remarkable growth of ethical consumption. * Develops a theoretically informed new approach to ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Responsibility Becher, Weiß

Responsibility is an ugly trait in humans. No fun was ever had by being responsible. Basejumping? Riding the Wall of Death on a motorcycle? Drinking 10 pints of Stella? That's more like it. Design copyrighted by Push Merchandising.Becher design reads ...

127,60 EUR*
Details Nuclear Weapons and Scientific Responsibility

Nuclear Weapons and Scientific Responsibility Scientists, who play a key role in the nuclear enterprise, need to be alerted to the many questions of conscience and legality inextricably interlinked with their work. Hence the need for a reissue of this ...

104,78 EUR*
Details Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility: Indian Perspectives

This book is a compilation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) theory and practices, with special reference to the Indian context. Over the last few decades, which have seen the onset of globalization, emergence of the industrial sector and an ...